The “Gran”dala

Hello friends!

Last week, I woke the children early and, like millions of others, we watched Kate marry her Prince Charming.

It really was a fairytale wedding and we all enjoyed it in our pajamas from the comfort of our living room.

While we were watching we had other various activities going on. The man of the house surfed the net, the children stuffed themselves with fresh doughnuts while sprinkling crumbs and Legos across my carpet.  I had a quick little hooky project to do, a project I have been eyeing for a while.

Meet the granny mandala!

We now have two preschoolers in the house which means we have two rainbow experts in residence.

Aidan picked the colors and put them in the right order for me. How could I have forgotten about good old Roy G. Biv?

The pattern/tutorial is by the lovely Alice over at Crochet with Raymond. Thank you so much, Alice!

I am working on some more rainbow goodness right now.

I hope I can offer a little peek of my progress tomorrow.

Until then, have a lovely day!



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